Google's Project Fi now offers data coverage in 170 countries

Google's Project Fi now offers data coverage in 170 countries

Worldwide phone service is generally something no one wants to talk about.

The good thing here is that Project Fi still doesn't charge you extra for your data usage in these countries. Worldwide roaming charges at the big four USA carriers can wind up being ridiculously expensive if you don't monitor your usage closely, and it isn't uncommon for folks to come back to phone bills that are much more expensive than what they're accustomed to paying.

Project Fi users have always benefited from free worldwide text and data usage without the need to add an extra - and often costly - plan.

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One of the tentpole features advertised by Google's MVNO is its worldwide data coverage at no extra charge.

Google's Project Fi would already work in 135 countries around the world, but today that number balloons to a whopping 170.

These notifications will be enabled by default, but you can elect to disable them via the Project Fi settings menu.

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Being able to determine if a country you are visiting is supported by Project Fi is important, as it can help with planning.

T-Mobile, which offers boundless universal information for the vast majority of its post-paid plans, says it covers "140+ nations".

You don't have to proactively look up coverage, though.

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