Apple's battery replacement deal could mean a dip in iPhone sales

Apple's battery replacement deal could mean a dip in iPhone sales

Apple also said it would lower the price for iPhone battery replacements, and add new features to iOS to provide greater transparency into battery health. Apple says it does this not to encourage customers to upgrade, but rather to preserve battery power.

Apple recently launched their discounted battery replacement program for older iPhone models, offering out-of-warranty battery swaps for just $35 CAD, down from previous $99 CAD.

One of Barclays' analysts, Mark Moskowitz, reckons as many as 77% of iPhone owners are eligible for a cheap battery upgrade. The move comes after the phone maker admitted it slows down older handsets. When iOS 10.2.1 was first released, Apple referred to "improvements" it had made to prevent unexpected shutdowns and only chose to explain that the changes made may temporarily slow down some older models with degraded batteries after controversy unfolded.

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Apple has been in some very rough waters over the last several weeks after the realization that the company was throttling devices with older batteries. To date, 15 class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple alleging misrepresentation, breach of good faith, and deceptive business practices.

Before thinking about availing Apple's battery replacement offer, the iPhone users must know that the Rs. 2,000 battery replacement offer by Apple does not apply to all the older iPhones.

The revelation led to numerous complaints from iPhone users that Apple was deliberately throttling their devices without informing them why or giving them the ability to opt out. With the iPhone being the primary driver of AAPL stock - last quarter, iPhone sales accounted for 55% of the company's revenue - the news is not good for Apple investors.

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iCentre would like to point out that, as an Apple Authorised Resellers and Apple Authorised Service Provider, we are bound by Apple Inc Policies and other Terms and Conditions. iCentre understands that many customers feel Apple Inc has let them down but there might have been some misunderstandings regarding this issue. You can spend your time trying to get an appointment with an Apple Store, traveling to the store, waiting for your turn at the genius bar, and traveling home in order to get a $29 battery replacement.

Apple now has to hope that iPhone users don't decide to take a $29 battery over a $999 iPhone X.

So, how could Apple have turned this boneheaded move into a positive thing? Following the company's announcement, some consumers reported that some Apple staff were refusing to do the replacement if the battery passed Apple's diagnostics testing.

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