Apple says iOS is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre issues

Apple says iOS is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre issues

Technology companies are working to protect their customers after researchers revealed that major security flaws affecting almost every modern computer processor could allow hackers to steal stored data - including passwords and other sensitive information - on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and cloud networks around the globe. There are already Meltdown patches for Microsoft's Windows, Apple's macOS and Linux. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest seller of cloud computing services, said in a statement it does not "expect meaningful performance impact for most customer workloads".

Both the chipmaker and Google, which informed Intel about the vulnerability in June, said they were planning to disclose the issue next week when fixes will be available.

While security flaws are typically limited to a specific company or product, Intel says the problem is "not a bug or a flaw in Intel products" but rather a broader problem affecting processing techniques common to modern computing platforms. "What (Intel's cloud customers) are going to say is, 'You wronged us, we hate you, but if we can get a discount, we'll still buy from you, '" Forrest said.

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After the CPU security issue that was revealed to affect Intel, AMD, and ARM processors this week, it might sound logical for the companies involved to take a financial hit.

SingCert is a unit of Singapore's Cyber Security Agency, which coordinates the nation's response to cyberthreats and attacks. The other flaw, dubbed Meltdown, affects most Intel processors made after 1995. "There will need to be consideration and balance between fixing the potential security threat vs the performance and other possible impact to systems".

A collaboration of researchers from Google's Project Zero team, the Graz University of Technology in Vienna, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Adelaide in Australia and various security companies released the full details of two attacks - called Meltdown and Spectre - that exploit flaws inherent to modern CPUs in order to steal sensitive data from memory. Intel did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday about the lawsuit.

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Representational ImageComputer security experts have discovered two major security flaws in the microprocessors inside almost all of the world's computers. Legal experts said that consumers would have to prove concrete damages and harm to proceed with claims. But AMD jumped more than 5 percent following the publication of the security flaws, to close at $12.12 a share. Shares in rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc climbed 4.9 percent as investors speculated the No. 2 maker of microprocessors would woo customers away from Intel.

In a statement Thursday, Arm said that the majority of its processors are not affected by Spectre or Meltdown but confirmed that it has been working with Intel, AMD and other partners to develop defenses against the vulnerabilities.

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