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Cold spell to stretch through New Year's

Cold spell to stretch through New Year's

For example, Carletta said on Christmas Day in Fargo this year, the low was minus 19 degrees.

Sub-zero temperatures are unsafe for both people and their pets.

In the Midwest, the National Weather Service said that some states can expect wind chills temperatures to reach almost 40 degrees below zero.

The front could bring a wintry mix of rain, freezing rain or sleet with it sometime in the early week, though there is only a 20 percent chance of rain for Sunday and Monday at this time.

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"Thankfully it will be warmer here on the plains, probably about 20 to 30 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday", said Lisa Kriederman, weather service meteorologist.

"We are showing a warm-up right after the new year, some of the long term models show some moderation, and on the official forecast for Tuesday we have Williston at a high of 14 degrees", Hargrove said.

Brutally cold temperatures across the Hudson Valley are expected to last into next week.

"Bozeman to West Yellowstone could see 6" - 8" of snow and in the back country near Cooke City 1' - 3' feet of snow is possible.

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"It's going to be really, really cold and wind chill factors are going to be deadly", Ken Majors, Seneca County emergency services director, said Tuesday.

Weather forecasters issued a blizzard warning on Monday for some parts of New Hampshire and Maine.

Moody said most of the calls were for people who needed help getting out of snowy driveways, had dead auto batteries or had locked their keys in the vehicle while warming it up. At those temperatures, frostbite can set in after as little as just five minutes.

Positive Avenues, 320 Putnam St., is experiencing an increase in visitors with the cold weather.

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"You want to make sure there is adequate ventilation with the heating system and that you have working smoke detectors and new, working carbon monoxide detectors", he said.