Putin Says Russia Won't Boycott PyeongChang Olympics

Putin Says Russia Won't Boycott PyeongChang Olympics

At the same time, the IOC intends to respect the rights of clean athletes, allowing them to participate in the upcoming games as "Olympic Athletes of Russian Federation".

In July 2016, the International Olympic Committee set up two separate commissions to probe doping abuse allegations in Russian sports as well as the alleged involvement of state officials in manipulations with performance enhancing drugs, particularly at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia's Sochi.

Dvorkovich did hit out at the IOC, saying its actions "actions pose a manifestation of disrespect to the Olympic Games", he said.

For Putin the ban "looks like an absolutely staged and politically motivated decision". "We all see this, for me there is no doubt about it", he said.

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— The ROC's leader, Alexander Zhukov, is suspended from his International Olympic Committee membership.

He said including the word "Russia" in the team name was a key issue. The "clean" athletes were allowed to participate under the neutral flag.

— The Russian Olympic Committee is suspended and can not send a team to the Pyeongchang Olympics.

On Tuesday, Ilya Kovalchuk emphatically said Russians should still participate, and Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the government will allow Russians to compete as neutral athletes.

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It is a win for the country that the word "Russia" is retained in the title "Olympic Athlete from Russia" or OAR.

Putin never went to a Super Bowl, but he's got a championship ring courtesy of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who handed it over during a Kremlin visit in 2005 for what he thought was a brief inspection - and never saw it again. It does, however, say that various Russian institutions such as the Ministry of Sports and the ROC failed to fulfil their legal responsibility to make sure Russian athletes were clean.

However, Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the State Duma, the Russian parliament's lower house, has called for a boycott.

Alexei Kravtsov, president of the Russian Skating Union, said: "The decision is offensive, insulting and completely unjustified".

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Russian media expressed regret at the decision while welcoming the possibility of some athletes participating in South Korea next year, albeit under tight restrictions.

A Russian lawmaker declared that "we won't apologize". "But I don't think anything will change".

It sweeps aside assurances from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko that the situation would not be repeated and makes the point that the Russian institutions that failed to assure fair play have to be held responsible. And I also don't think someone in Russian Federation will say, 'Hey, we got carried away with our games here. "We shouldn't be thinking that winning at any price shows the greatness of our motherland, but we rather have to think of fairness in sports'". "I really feel for them", he said of the athletes in the Russian team.

The scientist is now living under federal protection in the United States.

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Politicians and athletes earlier reacted with anger and disappointment to the International Olympic Committee decision. But, Walden said Rodchenkov remains fearful for his friends and family who are still in Russian Federation. In effect, the athletes will compete for their country, not for the regime that failed them by being unable to root out a doping conspiracy.