Trai To Issue Suggestions On Net Neutrality Today

Trai To Issue Suggestions On Net Neutrality Today

"We will issue the recommendations on net neutrality tomorrow", Trai chairman R.S. Sharma told reporters on Monday. The new rules, said to favour Internet service providers, will be put to vote next month in the US.

While free web access is a good thing - especially in developing economies - it can't come with damning restrictions like the ones Facebook has in mind if the goal is to get everyone on an open and equal internet. Even as telecom regulators around the globe are pushing the world towards a non-neutral internet, TRAI has been doing its bit to keep the internet free of discriminatory practices.

The telecom regulator on Tuesday upheld the basic principles of net neutrality, and prohibited internet service providers from making any discrimination in internet access.

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"The next steps on TRAI's net neutrality recommendations are now to be taken by the Union government's ministry of communications". While the regulator has not laid down a clear definition of specialised services, it said the DoT may identify these services, and the status should only be given if a service follows two broad principles.

This is at odds with the United States regulator, which seems to be moving towards dismantling rules on net neutrality.

Experts suggest that the CDN exemption could strengthen the position of integrated operators which also provide content.

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Once India's telecom department accepts these recommendations, internet service providers will no longer be allowed to carve up India's internet into slow and fast lanes, throttle speeds, or discriminate against content in any way.

That means no blocking or throttling content, and no fast lanes for content sources that offer to pay for the privilege (with an exclusion for content delivery networks).

Today, it's recommended that all ISPs should adhere to the principle of non-discriminatory treatment of content.

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Making an exception for specialized services, the regulator said such services could be provided as long as the service provider wasn't resorting to them as a replacement for "Internet Access Services' that are at the heart of net neutrality. The implementation of these regulations by the government of India would include formally issuing new executive orders to amend the telecom license conditions of service providers who have been licensed to operate in India by the government".