Advertisers pull ads from YouTube over predatory kids content

Advertisers pull ads from YouTube over predatory kids content

Johanna Wright, YouTube's vice president of product management, promised tougher application of its user guidelines to remove inappropriate ads targeting families, block inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors and provide further guidance for creators of family-friendly content. The Trusted Flaggers - a group of individuals patrolling the YouTube children's section and looking for such content - told BBC that there are "between 50,000 to 100,000 active predatory accounts still on the platform". That instance, the spokesperson said, appears to be the result of a content misclassification by Google. It is in stark contrast to who we are and what we believe.

YouTube is now one of Google's fastest-growing units as it allows videos to be shared online without much restrictions on the content. HP suspended all advertising worldwide on YouTube after learning that one of its ads was placed "in a bad and inappropriate context". YouTube has repeatedly vowed to do better, including implementing new screening processes to filter out offensive content from the site, hiring additional staff, and rolling out tools created to give advertisers better controls and tracking of their ads. "Content that endangers children is abhorrent and unacceptable to us".

Andy Burrows, Associate Head of Child Safety Online at the NSPCC, said: "Reports that YouTube is failing to act on child protection issues are extremely disappointing and demonstrate exactly why we need Government to step in".

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YouTube's crackdown comes on the heels of the company's announcement last week that it would increase oversight for videos marketed toward children to ensure they are "family-friendly".

"We have recently toughened our approach to videos and comments featuring children which may not be illegal, but give cause for concern". We also send freebies and lots of other goodies exclusively to our email subscribers.

"We are committed to getting this right and recognize we need to do more, both through machine learning and by increasing human and technical resources". It added that advertisements would not return until it was sure YouTube had put safeguards in place.

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Sky News understands all Adidas adverts appearing on these videos have already been taken down.

YouTube is working at a feverish pace to rid its platform of a problem that threatens the brand's reputation.

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