Microsoft Office launches on Google Chromebooks

Microsoft Office launches on Google Chromebooks

They were able to confirm that Microsoft Office was able to download on the Play Store for all of the mentioned devices.

Good news for Chromebook owners: you can finally download select Microsoft Office applications, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word, from the Play Store for free - but there's a caveat for some.

Microsoft Office is now available on Chromebooks via Google Play.

Over the previous year, "Office apps would randomly show up on one device without being available on most others", Chrome Unboxed said.

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Now the Office Android apps for Chromebook are here, but there are a few caveats we should note.

It appears that Office is now rolling out to Chromebooks widely in the Play Store, including the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook and Acer's Chromebook 15 and C771, Chrome Unboxed reports.

A majority of Chromebook users are from schools or inside a stable classroom which uses Office 365 subscription or uses Google's own G Suite.

Neither Microsoft nor Google have had anything official to say about this just yet, and we don't know for certain that it is open to every Chromebook product, but this does so far seem to be the case (and Microsoft had been working on wider support).

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Despite this relentless growth, one thing that has been missing from the Chrome OS ecosystem is the support for Microsoft Office. This helps users to try out new features even before they are released to the production ring. Now the most commonly used document app suite of all time makes for a Chrome OS environment to be reckoned with.

However, there is a small requirement for Chromebooks that feature screens larger than 10.1-inch.

Of course, you'll need a subscription to Office 365.

Also, it appears that only those using Chromebooks with display sizes upwards of 10.1 inches will actually be able to edit files on these apps.

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