Kendall Jenner outshines Gisele Bundchen as world's highest-paid model

Kendall Jenner outshines Gisele Bundchen as world's highest-paid model

Her record 15-year stint has now come to an end.

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Thanks to her Instagram account, followed by millions, Kendall Jenner used the social platform as her main tool to promote various brands and products, especially her deal with Estee Lauder, La Perla, and Adidas. Bündchen, who formally retired from catwalk appearances a year ago, posed for adverts for Carolina Herrera fragrances, Arezzo shoes and Vivara jewellery in her homeland Brazil, but, in taking on less, her overall earnings had dropped 43% from the $30.5 million she made in 2016. The decrease came as a result of doing fewer campaigns in total.

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Rounding out the top three is Chrissy Teigen at number three with $13.5 million joining the list for the first time, Adriana Lima at number four with $10.5 million, and Gigi Hadid at number 5 with $9.5 million.

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This is the first time that the 31-year-old wife of singer John Legend, made the Forbes list, Eye Witness News said. Whilst the industry may be working towards a hint of diversity when it comes to body type, the modeling world is far from representative when it comes to cultural diversity. The second-to-youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family pulled in $22 million in the 12 months between June 2016 and June 2017. Estimations are based on incomes from cosmetic, fragrance and clothing contracts as well as interviews with agents, managers and brand executives before taxes and fees.