Topical: Elon Musk Says His New Truck Can Survive A Nuke

Topical: Elon Musk Says His New Truck Can Survive A Nuke

It's not clear where or when we can expect to see these new stations popping up or how much it will cost to use them, but Musk said the first Semi's will being production in 2019.

While the official specs will be out closer to production, Tesla says that the Semi will go from 0-100 kmph in 5 seconds.

Indeed, Tesla CEO's Elon Musk swung between the sort of performance numbers that have traditionally enthused the automaker's consumer buyers, and figures more palatable for fleet operators.

Of course, the Model 3 loomed over it all.

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Tesla claims the electric costs of the Semi are half that of a traditional diesel semi truck, thanks to fewer systems to maintain (no transmission or brake pads to name a few), providing a number of over $200,000 Dollars in fuel savings, and a two-year payback period.

The truck will have Tesla's Autopilot system, which can maintain a set speed and slow down automatically in traffic.

The Tesla Semi - like most EVs - has no gears, while the bonnet at the front contains storage space.

Arthur Wheaton from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations said that the electric truck signalled the future of long-distance haulage but risked stretching Tesla's production resources too far.

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"Overall, the Semi is more responsive, covers more miles than a diesel truck in the same amount of time, and more safely integrates with passenger vehicle traffic", Tesla said. These are business people not fans, and they will need convinced that this truck is better for their balance sheet than existing technology.

Now Tesla just needs to build these vehicles.

Only after talking about the truck's speed did Musk mention its range.

Musk said Tesla will guarantee the big rigs will not break down for a million miles because they have will have multiple motors. You, the truck, all your hopes and dreams, whatever cargo was in the back (let's say, lettuce?), all gone in an instant.

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This is a landmark moment for cars because the Tesla Roadster, previous deemed overpriced and relatively less exotic - is suddenly a bargain at ₹1.3 crore since it out accelerates the likes of a Koenigsegg Agera S, and the ₹13 crore Bugatti Chiron.

Meanwhile, J.B. Hunt Transportation Services also announced today that it would be experimenting with the Tesla Semi. "So far that final element has eluded Tesla Motors, which makes it hard to see these vehicles as more than "what if" concept cars".

The stock is up more than 4% after the event. "Diesel fuel is readily available and relatively efficient for heavy long-haul trucks that cruise open highways at a fixed speed". Inside the truck's cabin - tall enough for a driver to stand upright - there are two large touchscreen interfaces.

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