Harry Potter AR Game in Development from the Makers of Pokémon Go

Harry Potter AR Game in Development from the Makers of Pokémon Go

The AR mobile title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be similar to Pokemon GO, as players will be wandering around the streets learning spells, and to discover and fight legendary beasts from Harry Potter lore.

Niantic, the company behind the hit mobile game Pokémon Go, has revealed that its follow-up game will revolve around Harry Potter. This time, Niantic is focusing their augmented reality skillset on JK Rowling's Wizarding World with the creation of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players must collect power-ups, defend locations and explore new environment while roaming the real world. Niantic has said it was the success of Pokemon Go, and its "unprecedented scale", that made this development possible.

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There is actually a collection of Pokemon games on mobile now.

David Haddad, President of Warner Bros. Wizards Unite, puts you in the role of a wizard in the world of Harry Potter, letting you wander around and learn magic in the process.

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I don't know about you guys, but I definitely just set up a Google Alert - and you can bet that we'll be bringing you all the additional details on the forthcoming game the second we hear anything more. The app became the most successful mobile game in USA history - becoming more popular than Tinder, and briefly matching Twitter's popularity. For fans of Harry Potter, this is a big deal.

I also expect to see people summoning Patronuses to repel in-game Dementors - if we get to connect our official Patronuses from Pottermore, you'll never see me again because I'll be fully absorbed in this game. This game is also going to be based on augmented reality much like the way Pokemon Go was.

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Pokemon GO took the world by storm previous year by combining a beloved franchise with a simple and addictive mobile game mechanic.