Everyone is getting 280 characters on Twitter

Everyone is getting 280 characters on Twitter

Twitter says it's ending its iconic 140-character limit - and giving almost everyone 280 characters.

Twitter Canada noted, however, whether a user has access to this new character allowance depends on which language they're using in their tweet.

The company didn't disclose how many users have been testing the longer tweets.

However Japanese, Korean, and Chinese users will continue to have 140 characters "because cramming is not an issue in these languages".

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The announcement comes just a few months after Twitter started testing a 280-character limit for a set number of users around the globe, courting concern from users who were anxious that banishing brevity would clog up their timelines.

The move modifies a fundamental aspect of Twitter.

Rosen pointed out that people who might be concerned their Twitter streams timeline would look drastically different needn't worry. The company suggests the issue seemed more concerning to users because "people in the test got very excited about the extra space in the beginning and many Tweets went way beyond 140".

And in one stroke, Twitter doubles the complexity of our nation's foreign policy. Only 5% of Tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and only 2% were over 190 characters. Some Twitterati think brevity is the soul of the service and worry the longer form will ruin what's special about it. People in the experiment told us that a higher character limit made them feel more satisfied with how they expressed themselves on Twitter, their ability to find good content, and Twitter overall.

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The 140-character length wasn't a random choice: Twitter's founders wanted tweets to fit in a text message, which can only hold 160 characters.

Ultimately, Twitter's decision could lead to users growing more engaged with the service.

The other change was that instead of the characters counting down as users type out their tweets, they now see a circle that turns blue when they start typing. Since we saw Tweets hit the character limit less often, we believe people spent less time editing their Tweets in the composer.

The site now has 330 million active users.

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