Super Mario Run Fails to Generate 'Acceptable Profit' for Nintendo

Super Mario Run Fails to Generate 'Acceptable Profit' for Nintendo

It introduced the series to markets where Nintendo previously had no presence, and it appears to have had a positive impact on the just-released Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch - Nintendo says the console game has sold two million copies in its first three days of availability.

We enjoyed our time with the Nintendo Switch exclusive, writing in our Super Mario Odyssey review: "Packed with energy, charm, and every trick in the book thrown in, choosing to hop aboard the Odyssey will undoubtedly result in you having the chance to experience one of Mario's greatest adventures". The console has already sold over 7.5 million units. What's more, the game was released with Holiday 2017 in mind, where Nintendo's sales typically are highest and we haven't even hit the season yet.

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Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said today that Super Mario Run has hit 200 million downloads worldwide, with 90% of those downloads coming from regions outside of Japan.

Though Super Mario Odyssey has already received its fair share of ideal scores, Nintendo took a slight risk with the latest title in its flagship franchise. It's already snowballing into a huge success within a mere three days.

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"By releasing this product against a backdrop of maintained and growing buzz around Nintendo Switch, which also has continually high usage rates, we think this will give us a big edge heading into the holiday season". Ultimately, Nintendo is hoping that the game will eventually be seen as an evergreen title, showing solid sales longevity beyond the holiday market period. It shows the power of Nintendo's IP, and Mario specifically, and the company is right about the game being well received.

However, when you realize that the jump rope is actually a rhythm game, getting to the 100 point mark becomes a lot easier (though still by no means simply). And it sounds as if the model hasn't quite delivered the goods for Nintendo, with an unsatisfactory number of downloads being converted into purchases. Nintendo also bumped up its revenue forecast from 750 billion yen (~$6.6 billion) to 960 billion yen (~$8.5 billion).

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