Eminem Wins $500000 Lawsuit After New Zealand National Party Bites "Lose Yourself"

Eminem Wins $500000 Lawsuit After New Zealand National Party Bites

Eminem and his associates have been awarded thousands in damages after filing a lawsuit against the New Zealand National Party for their unlicensed use of a variation of his hit song "Lose Yourself", which appeared in his 2002 Academy Award winning movie "8 Mile".

The High Court judge said the campaign song reproduced the essence of the rapper's hit, ruling there was minimal difference between them.

The National Party defended the track, which was unfortunately titled "Eminem Esque", saying it originated with Australian producers.

High Court judge Helen Cull said the campaign song sounded like a copy and was a copy. She said it was no coincidence the composer of "Eminem Esque" had the music to the original in front of him when he wrote his song.

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"National is disappointed with today's High Court decision", its president Peter Goodfellow said.

The publisher had exclusive control over the song and rarely gave permission for its use in advertising.

"The music was licensed with one of New Zealand's main industry copyright bodies, the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society [AMCOS]".

Simpsons Solicitors director, Adam Simpson said it's a cautionary tale, that might serve as inspiration to invest in new music.

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The case could have implications for other organizations that use so-called "sound-alike" tracks sold by commercial operators.

Mr Simpson added: "Eminem Esque clearly stepped over the line".

Mr Goodfellow said that the National Party had purchased the piece of production music from a reputable Australian-based music production library, who had purchased it from a U.S. supplier. Being licensed and available for purchase, and having taken advice from our suppliers, the party believed the purchase was legal. "We already have a claim against the suppliers and licensors of the track".

"Changing a few notes here and there just doesn't cut it".

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