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Cambridge genome aces help identify new breast cancer threats

Cambridge genome aces help identify new breast cancer threats

"Our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk ensures no one faces breast cancer alone by bringing the community together, funding innovative breast cancer research, promoting education and risk reduction, and providing comprehensive patient support to those who need it most".

Shirts are $20 each and proceeds will benefit local breast cancer awareness and support groups.

Significant changes in serum levels of estradiol and sex hormone-binding globulin and other yet unidentified mechanisms are responsible for the association between increased activity level and decreased risk for breast cancer. "I imagine everyone in this room can say they know or have a relative who has had breast cancer". Scientists say that efforts to uncover genetic mutations for breast cancer in Latino, Asian, African and Middle Eastern background are still underway.

Pinpointing specific genes is hard, but the OncoArray scientists were able to make predictions about many target genes - a first step towards designing new treatments.

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She hopes that discoveries made in this research will someday lead to better and less harsh treatments for breast cancer, for instance, treating people with a targeted probiotic instead of chemotherapy.

One of the largest medical probes ever conducted for breast cancer has found 179 separate mutations which can be passed on through families.

The findings are published today in the journals Nature and Nature Genetics.

"Many members of our fire department have seen breast cancer affect the lives of their loved ones, so this was a project that was embraced", 'said city spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw. Excluding cancers of the skin, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women and is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women.

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Others, known as oestrogen-receptor negative, are not affected by the hormone and are more hard to treat.

Lifestyle changes such as diet, body weight, exercise and alcohol consumption are some of the modifiable risk factors for this disease.

Those identified in the new studies are relatively common - some carried by one woman in 100 and others by more than half of all women. The studies identified genetic regions specifically associated with either oestrogen-receptor positive or oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer, underscoring the fact that these are biologically distinct cancers that develop differently.

"Many women are offered mammogram screenings when they are middle-aged, but if we know a woman has genetic markers that place her at higher risk of breast cancer, we can recommend more intensive screening at a younger age".

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