Google unveils new security protections in Chrome

Google unveils new security protections in Chrome

Google is rolling out a fancy new security feature today that's created to protect users who face significant risk of having their accounts hacked-election and campaign officials, victims of intimate partner violence, and others seeking additional security. "Strongest defenses" Advanced Protection does make using the web less streamlined and convenient.

They'll also be required to use two-factor authentication to log into their email with a security key - usually a small USB drive or wireless device - to protect against phishing attempts. They are said to be the most secure version of two-step verification as they need digital signatures and public key cryptography to confirm identity. Knowing your password won't be good enough to access your account - you'll also need to have the key every time.

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Accidental Sharing: Sometimes people inadvertently grant malicious applications access to their Google data. Google hasn't disclosed how external vendors can get theirs apps added to the list. There will be additional steps and reviews of your answers before account access is granted. Google says Advanced Protection Program will evolve as security does. And a beta tester of the program, a journalist with the nonprofit Internews, testified to its utility, explaining that "j$3 ournalists, human rights defenders, environment campaigners and civil society activists working on any number of sensitive issues can quickly find themselves targeted by well-resourced and highly capable adversaries", so registering for Advanced Protection "could be seen as an essential preventative step" for these users. Google isn't, understandably, detailing exactly what those will comprise at this point, though does say that, for those who lose both account access and both security keys, it could "take a few days" to restore access with the new, more stringent system. Right now, Gmail and Drive access will be exclusively limited to Google apps, though the company says that it does expect to expand on that in the future.

The new Security Checkup provides guidance to help users improve the security of their account. We expect other browsers to incorporate this soon.

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Finally there are changes to the account recovery process. This starts with the way Google protects your Google account, and it continues all the way up to the Google Home router that you use at home.

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