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Boris Johnson takes to Whatsapp to demand an end to briefings

Boris Johnson takes to Whatsapp to demand an end to briefings

The Prime Minister has rejected repeated calls to sack Johnson, most recently over his interventions on Brexit in the run-up to conference and comments he made about dead bodies in Libya.

"The idea that Mrs May can lead us through Brexit and have a new leader in time for the next election is fanciful".

I'm actually getting a bit narked and I'm sure there's quite a lot of women out there that are (getting) a bit narked at how many male commentators are talking about male cabinet ministers deciding what she should or shouldn't do as if she has no agency in this herself.

Nearly four months of Brexit negotiations have shown little progress, however, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the United Kingdom was not going to stop the stalled talks and reverse the process of the departure from the European Union.

Claiming the Tories are "in all sorts of trouble" over Brexit, Ms Thornberry added: "It doesn't really matter who their leader is, they don't know where they are going". Former party chairman Grant Schapps said a group of Conservative lawmakers were plotting to remove May from the party leadership.

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He told other MPs via WhatsApp: "I am frankly fed up to the back teeth with all this". If you were a Brexiteer you would be anxious [if Mr Johnson was demoted].

'I heartily disagree with the sense, tone and spirit of what they are quoted as saying.

A source, claiming to be a supporter of Johnson, said that moving him would go down "like a bucket of cold sick" with those who'd voted for Brexit.

'Whoever they are they do not speak for me'.

One minister had told the Daily Telegraph: "Let's say she tries to move Boris to Defence Secretary".

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Asked if Mrs May agreed with Eurosceptic Tories that the Treasury was blocking progress on Brexit, the spokesman said: "The Treasury, like every department in Whitehall, is working hard to deliver on the wishes of the British public and to deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit".

On Mrs May's internal party critics, Mrs Bradley suggested there are "less than 10% of the parliamentary party potentially, maybe, possibly looking for her to move on".

However over the weekend, pro-Brexit MPs hit back, urging Mrs May to get rid of Chancellor Philip Hammond, who has argued for a "softer", pro-business Brexit that would protect jobs and investment.

"But I think it is nearly unbelievable that the Prime Minister could have Boris Johnson in the position as Foreign Secretary".

She stressed it was "highly unlikely" that any new laws would be brought in during that period that hadn't already been discussed "and on which we would have been able to say whether they would be a rule that we would sign up to, or a rule that we would not wish to sign up to".

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