These Pictures Taken on the Pixel 2 Look Stunning

These Pictures Taken on the Pixel 2 Look Stunning

The latest Action Launcher update brings the Pixel 2's newly designed Google Search bar to any of your devices.

Namely: a second rear-facing camera lens.

The Pixel 2 will cost you Rs. 61,000 / Rs. 70,000 for 64GB/128GB repectively and the Pixel 2 XL will cost you Rs. 73,000 / Rs. 82,000 for 64GB/128GB respectively.

The idea that all these phones are pushing is that dual lenses make for better pictures, since one lens can capture foreground details while the other does the background. But if you step back a bit and look at it from a bigger perspective, this is basically making AI, machine learning, big data and automation work together across devices to make things easier for you.

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The company also showed its take on Air Pods, in the form of Google Pixel Buds. It even scored more than the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, both of them scored 94 on DxOMark.

The other noteworthy announcement made at the event was the introduction of a $1,000 Pixel Book and the horribly-named Pixel Book Pen. Artificial Intelligence, one of its software positive characteristic will help it in improving the design of its hardware component.

We all expected the Google Pixel 2 XL's camera to be stunning, based on last year's model. You basically get free, unlimited original-quality storage for photos and videos taken with Pixel until January 15, 2021, and high-quality storage for all later uploads. Inevitably, Google's competitors will attempt to apply the same techniques to their phones. The price difference in both 64GB and 128GB variant is more than 12 grands; this is the amount if you want the larger pixel with a 0better display and everything else is pretty same. What's more, the photographer/s who took the photos clearly has a good handle on composition, color palettes, mood, and lighting; just pointing in a direction and pressing the capture button is unlikely to provide the same level of results.

In India Google's Pixel 2 XL will be available for pre-orders from October 26 onwards and go on sale from November 15 whereas iPhone X pre-orders will start on October 27, and shipping will begin on November 3.

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The report says that the service will use Bluetooth and device motion to determine when to activate the feature.

The Home Max, however, is geared for quality audio and again, it uses AI to deliver it. The feature can automatically detect when a user is driving and then activate the feature.

Sonos introduced a similar feature called TruePlay a few years ago, but it required manual interaction from the user.

So, if you are thinking of buying a Pixel 2 here's everything you need to know.

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