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Donald Trump makes trip to Puerto Rico all about himself - unsurprisingly

Donald Trump makes trip to Puerto Rico all about himself - unsurprisingly

His visit was deemed as "terrible and abominable PR stunt" by San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, where the billionaire Republican told the islanders that they should be "very proud" that more people had not died in the storm.

As Air Force One headed for Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has clashed with Trump over the pace of relief efforts, announced she would attend a briefing with the president local leaders.

We hope that Trump similarly will come around to a recognition of the need to unite the country after disaster strikes, and that he will make his intentions plain in that regard when he addresses his fellow citizens in Puerto Rico tomorrow. His use of the word "nasty" is a callback to the 2016 campaign when he called Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during a debate.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - President Donald Trump highlighted Puerto Rico's relatively low death toll compared with "a real catastrophe like Katrina" as he opened a tour of the island's devastation Tuesday, focusing on the best of the reviews he and his administration are getting rather than criticism of the federal response to Hurricane Maria. Half of the island still doesn't have access to drinking water, and 95 percent of households don't have electricity. "What is truly nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people". "If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency".

"It took him how long to get to Puerto Rico?" said Bree Harris, a 25-year-old chef and Democrat from Los Angeles.

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Nearly half of Puerto Rico remains without power and many have limited access to food and fresh water.

"I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack..."

Up the road in the upscale Guaynabo neighborhood, one of the fastest to recover, around 200 people cheered Trump's visit to a local church being used to distribute supplies.

With a debt load of $73 billion, Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy in May.

But visiting Puerto Rico several weeks after disaster struck, the president insisted he received a warm welcome, telling reporters: "That was a great, great visit".

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During last year's campaign, Trump suggested the USA government could address its own debt problems by renegotiating its bonds and paying less than their face value, remarks that also raised alarms in the markets.

Puerto Rico officials have criticised the United States government's handling of the natural disaster as too slow. "And that's fine. We've saved a lot of lives".

At press time, President Trump was scheduled to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

Days of frustration at what some people have said was a sluggish White House response to Hurricane Maria, which devastated much of the island last month, boiled over at the weekend when Mr Trump criticised a city mayor who had pleaded for more federal help. Trump asked, as he turned to Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rossell ≥.

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