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MI mom jailed for not vaccinating son

MI mom jailed for not vaccinating son

A MI mother was sentenced to seven days in jail for refusing to vaccinate her son will appear in court on Wednesday morning.

In a court hearing last fall, Bredow agreed to court orders that she would get the boy vaccinated.

"This request has gone up against its very own existence, your respect, and it is my blame I have not stood up sooner and disclosed to the court that I'm an informed, immunization decision mother", she said.

She said that if her child would be vaccinated, she couldn't bring herself to do it because it goes against her beliefs.

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Oakland County Court Judge Karen McDonald said that even though Bredow was the child's primary caregiver: "Dad gets a say".

However, she later defied a court order to get the boy up to date with his jabs, and has been sentenced to seven days in prison as a result.

In Michigan, parents are allowed to avoid having their children immunized if it conflicts with their religious or personal beliefs.

Anti-vaccination advocates - or anti-vaxxers - believe that immunising children exposes them to harm, and could be linked to autism.

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Child immunisation rates in MI are also among the worst in the U.S., ranking 43rd out of the 50 states, according to Mlive.

Bredow argued her ex-husband, James Horne, had known about her objection to vaccinations for a long time and was making an issue of it now because she'd been trying to collect back child support, the Detroit Free Press reported.

For that reason, many anti-vaccine parents choose to home-school their children, Mrs Fisher told the BBC.

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