Sony announces redesigned PlayStation VR headset

Sony announces redesigned PlayStation VR headset

There are majorly 3 VR headsets in the market, one from Facebook (Oculus Rift), HTC Vive and lastly the Sony PlayStation VR. The Japanese firm plans to keep it simple regarding the design of the headset.

Sony notes that consumers will be able to distinguish between the older and new PSVRs though their slightly different packaging.

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All of the released PSVR games are compatible with both older and newer models of PSVR.

The connection cable is said to be slimmer than the original with reduced weight. In addition, the headset's processor unit now supports HDR pass-through, meaning you don't need to disconnect the unit-which lies between the PS4 and your TV-to enjoy HDR-enabled content on your TV. The VR headset will, however, still have to be turned off.

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Sony has quietly announced a new model of the PSVR, complete with new features. In Canada, the base PlayStation VR bundle starts at $549.99.

"The PlayStation VR is an OLED display that displays games at anythign between 90 and 120Hz with a single 1920x1080 5.7" display. The design has been streamlined and improved in general, and you'll also notice the headset for audio is now built into the headset with some typical Sony-looking earbuds actually attached to the PSVR unit. The launch date of the headset in United States and other markets will be revealed later. Sony's headset reportedly passed 1 million units sold in July this year. To mark the occasion, it will launch a series of videos celebrating the device and the popular achievements.

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Fans of Sony's PlayStation consoles now have a chance to express their undying love for the gaming product by getting a credit card officially tied to the brand. Furthermore, amid that time, PlayStation and its accomplices have manufactured a library of more than 100 titles which oblige all classes.