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Sen. Rand Paul talks about proposed healthcare bill

Sen. Rand Paul talks about proposed healthcare bill

Republicans could lose only two senators for the bill to pass through the budget process of reconciliation, which allows for a majority vote instead of the 60-vote threshold ordinarily needed to end a filibuster. Susan Collins came out against it today, Sens.

KODJAK: He was a witness and so was Senator Lindsey Graham, his co-sponsor, which was pretty uncommon to have the sponsors of the bill testify.

Cassidy-Graham has been met with sharp resistance from several GOP senators, and seemed headed for a collapse before a vote that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he would hold this week. This, after a day of protests on Capitol Hill where 181 people, many in wheelchairs, were arrested speaking out against the new Graham-Cassidy bill.

John McCain's announcement on Friday that he could not support the bill, which would turn money from the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, into a state block-grant program.

That analysis came out Monday evening and found that the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $133 billion by 2026.

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The agency said Monday it didn't have enough time for a full analysis of the legislation, which could take weeks. The Graham-Cassidy bill would eliminate the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid.

The bill would also "open the door for states to weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes".

McCain joined Kentucky's Sen.

Graham-Cassidy, the third and latest attempt to replace the law, repeals the individual and employer mandates, as well as the 2.3% medical device tax.

The Republicans' latest effort to tear down Obamacare died a noisy death Monday amid protests and a fourth GOP Senator declining to support it, prompting President Trump to lash out at one of the defectors. Republicans have 52 votes in the chamber, and can only afford to lose two of their members.

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The Republican senator called the protesters "good fodder for Twitter", proclaiming that the Senate panel is above such "shenanigans". None of their concerns could be easily fixed by changing funding formulas. That's the difference. The difference is one side wants to cut health care to average Americans, increase premiums, give the insurance companies far more freedom and one side wants to increase care, the number of people covered, lower premiums, better coverage.

Other Republicans are wavering, too.

Cassidy said that Paul should recognize that the new measure would save the country from the single-payer system that Sen.

The legislation suffered a fatal blow Monday night when Collins declared her opposition.

"It represents Republicans accepting a trillion dollars of Obamacare spending", Paul said.

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Republicans had pinned their last hopes on a measure by GOP Sens. "I'll sit down with anybody to talk about anything that matters as long as I think I've got a change to deliver", he said.