Trump reinforces support of Luther Strange at Alabama rally

Trump reinforces support of Luther Strange at Alabama rally

A political action committee tied to McConnell is heavily supporting unusual in Tuesday's tight race against former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, known for opposing gay marriage and pushing unsuccessfully for the public display of the Ten Commandments.

After some musing, he seemed to catch himself. "Luther will definitely win".

It may not have been exactly the ringing endorsement Strange's campaign had hoped for, but it would have to do.

Trump's involvement in the Alabama race could help bolster his strained relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose help the president needs to advance his agenda on taxes, healthcare and immigration.

Trump also predicted that any owner who followed the presidential encouragement would become "the most popular person in this country" - at least for a week. So much so that the Friday night rally bore few signs that its goal was to boost his candidacy. "We both come from the same background, the same mission, the same motivation to make this country great again", unusual said.

"Someone is going to say, 'That guy who disrespects our flag, he's fired, '" Trump said.

Trump reveled in the enthusiastic crowd and heaped praise on Alabama and Huntsville.

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Smith said the union won't shy away from "protecting the constitutional rights of our players as citizens as well as their safety as men who compete in a game that exposes them to great risks". And he complained about the treatment of first lady Melania Trump in the media.

Former Governor Robert Bentley, who resigned after a sex scandal, appointed odd to take Sessions' seat.

The White House has thrown full support behind the Graham/Cassidy bill and President Donald Trump on Friday warned Republicans in Congress that voting against the measure is tantamount to voting in favor of Obamacare. He said his endorsement of unusual came despite his unwillingness to wade into an ongoing primary.

Odd is technically an incumbent, having been appointed to the Senate earlier this year to replace now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "We have got to go out and vote". I've known him longer.

President Donald Trump ensured a crowd in Alabama Friday night that "the wall is happening". "I shouldn't be doing it".

"That was a totally unexpected thing", Trump said.

In a campaign speech Saturday, Moore complained that political operatives supporting odd are showing up at all of his speeches with video cameras, hoping to catch him in a misstep or twist his words with editing.

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"The beauty with the electoral college is ..." But if Moore wins the runoff, Trump says he'll campaign "like hell" for him.

He admonished Clinton for failing to travel to Wisconsin during the campaign and dismissed the idea that Russian Federation interfered in the election to help him.

"You gotta speak to Jeff Sessions about that", Trump smirked.

He returned again to odd, who apparently watched the rally from somewhere offstage.

It's a toss-up, then, between two men who are clearly unfit for the office to which they aspire.

"He doesn't even know Mitch McConnell", Trump claimed at one point.

It's a tight race all the way around, with everyone fighting for whatever edge they can get, and Jones's campaign, or possibly a supporter, just took advantage of a gift on a silver platter in the form of a typo on Moore's bus.

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While Trump claims his support of unusual has narrowed Moore's lead in the polls, the latest RealClearPolitics polling average completed on September 17 shows Moore with a almost 9-point lead. Sarah Palin and former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka held a rally this week for the ardently Christian firebrand Moore, who was suspended for refusing marriage license applications for same-sex couples. With the clock ticking toward the mid-term elections, the time is running out for the President's agenda to be implemented.