Apple Watch Series 3 is having connectivity issues

Apple Watch Series 3 is having connectivity issues

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3 just over a week ago, there was much excitement at the fact that the smartwatch now features LTE connectivity. However, initial reports say the cellular service isn't quite reliable on the Apple Watch right now. A fix is being looked at for a future software update.

The watch is created to rely less on the iPhone, and lets users answer calls, get texts, talk to Siri and access third-party apps without being tethered.

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It's possible Apple fixes this before the Apple Watch Series 3 begins shipping to customers on Friday. Apple released a statement on this noting that "We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular". A cellular-based Series 3 Apple Watch will be freeing; no more bulky smartphone in my pocket. The feature is essentially enabled the same way it is on a phone - the device defaults to WiFi so users don't tap into their cellular data every time they do something on their device.

Problems with Apple watch connectivity cropped up on three different pre-production models, across two states and on two different carriers, Stern said.

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The latest watch, which starts at $399, has been hotly anticipated because its cellular connectivity means people can use it without carrying their phone around. I don't get it. At one point during the show, a woman paddle boarding without her smartphone (but wearing the new Apple Watch) stood on her board and called into the event, demonstrating the smartwatch's ostensible independence. For instance, there is the new Siri watch face that brings the relevant notifications on the screen without you having to fumble for it. There's also a new dual-core CPU that is 70 percent faster than Series 2, and Apple wisely uses the screen itself for the radio's antenna so the device avoid excess bulk.

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