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After spike, gas prices are slowly dropping in Mass.

After spike, gas prices are slowly dropping in Mass.

According to AAA Carolinas, the current average for gas in South Carolina's is $2.51 - 4 cents less than a week ago.

In Nevada, prices jumped nearly 18 cents this month.

The one-two punch of hurricanes Harvey and Irma drove gas prices to a three-year high last week, though supplies are building back up and prices are starting to drift lower.

"Gas prices are dropping as the situation with refineries, pipelines and gasoline deliveries is positively progressing", said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson.

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The Southeast was hit particularly hard in the price spike.

After rampant speculation; a series of devastating hurricane and media hype, average gas prices in CT and on the national level are on the downswing, according to AAA Northeast.

The most expensive gas reported Sunday in the city was $3.31 at a North Patterson Street retailer, according to gasbuddy.

As gas prices drop for the majority of the country, so does the nation's gasoline inventory.

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Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst with Gasbuddy, said prices are falling thanks to winter gas blend, less demand, and refineries coming back online after Hurricane Harvey. "In fact, this week could see some of the largest drops in gas prices in many months", he said. During the same time in 2014, oil was (and usually is) the main driver of pump prices, as crude traded between $65-$75 per barrel.

The lowest national average in 2017 was $2.23 on July 5.

"Gas demand should drastically decline across the Carolinas by the end of September, as the Labor Day holiday signaled the end of the summer driving season", Wright said. And they're expected to fall much further ... if there's not another storm. That state average was $2.43 this morning, compared to $2.57 a week ago. Although oil prices hovered around $46-$49 per barrel, the average price for gasoline in Florida has shot up 46 cents since August 22.

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