Elon Musk shares explosion-heavy SpaceX bloopers on Instagram

Elon Musk shares explosion-heavy SpaceX bloopers on Instagram

Since its first successful Falcon 9 landing in December 2015, SpaceX has only crashed three of the rockets that it meant to land, and the California-based spaceflight company hasn't lost a first stage in an attempted landing since June 2016.

Set to Sousa's Liberty Bell, or Monty Python theme song, the video shows the many rockets that didn't make the final cut over the course of Falcon 9's development.

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Elon Musk himself posted this to Instagram and Twitter, as the SpaceX CEO continues to celebrate the failures that lead to eventual success. Again and again, SpaceX rockets explode-or as the video calls it, "a rapid unscheduled disassembly".

The video is captioned with reasons for each failed episode, which includes running out of hydraulic fluid, running out of liquid oxygen, a sticky throttle valve, and engine sensor failure among them. In that same time, SpaceX has orchestrated 16 successful Falcon 9 first stage landings.

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In a 2005 interview, Musk said, "Failure is an option here", and, "If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough". But since the hard work of the team resulted in success, Musk will surely be proud to share this journey (with a mix of humor) with fans. A couple of weeks ago, the company revealed that it had successfully tested the first-stage booster for the Falcon Heavy.

Landing and reusing rocket boosters is key to Musk's plans of sending payloads - and eventually humans - to Mars.

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