Nintendo Switch Online app update fixes one major issue

Nintendo Switch Online app update fixes one major issue

Before, you had to keep your phone awake and on the voice chat screen at all times so you wouldn't drop the chat, unlike literally every other voice chat app out there.

Nintendo just released an update for their Nintendo Switch online chat app, rendering it slightly more useful than it was before.

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Players will now be able to continue use voice chat when their phones enter sleep mode, as well as while they use other apps.

It isn't exactly a secret that the online systems for Nintendo Switch launched in a sorry state. See, unlike what Sony and Microsoft did for the PlayStation and the Xbox, Nintendo has chosen to put its new console's chat functions in a separate app for Android and iOS. To use voice chat during sleep mode, go to Other Settings in this app, then select Power Saving Settings and deactivate battery optimization for this app.

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Promises for the full functionality of the Nintendo Switch Online app indicate that the full, paid version will be much better, but that doesn't erase the soreness of how half-baked this app continues to be, despite this much-needed improvement. Hopefully this is the first in a long line of improvements to the Switch's system, because for many, it's now hard to imagine paying a yearly fee for the service in the state it launched in.

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