Trump condemns 'terror attack' in Barcelona, says US ready to help

Trump condemns 'terror attack' in Barcelona, says US ready to help

Far worse than its absurdity or its falsity is its gleeful bloodthirstiness: The President of the United States responded to news of a terrorist attack by casually arguing for the perpetration of war crimes.

According to a White House statement released on Friday, Trump made the pledge in a phone call with Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, appeared to take on Trump in his Twitter reaction to the Barcelona attack.

Yes, Trump was correct about the horrific terror attack in Barcelona- as I'm sure Trump supporters will whine about in the comments section to this article.

Trump's tweet Thursday came after Catalan officials had confirmed a terrorist attack but were still trying to identify the suspect they arrested.

Another American suffered minor injuries in the attack, according to State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert. The so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the assault via its Amaq news agency, but it's unclear to what degree the group's leadership was involved in planning it.

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Trump claimed "for 25 years there wasn't a problem" - a number he has seemingly increased to 35 in his tweet.

At one point in telling this story, Trump said: "By the way, this is something you can read in the history books - not a lot of history books because they don't like teaching this".

"The 50th person, he said, 'You go back to your people and tell them what happened.' And for 25 years, there wasn't a problem", Trump reportedly said in February 2016.

On Tuesday, Trump defended his refusal to directly condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, by insisting "before I make a statement, I like to know the facts".

Returning to the anti-Muslim bigotry that was a hallmark of his campaign, U.S. President Donald Trump once again endorsed a fictional U.S. massacre of Muslim terrorists, with bullets dipped in pigs' blood, as an example of how to deter terrorism.

Therefore, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that being dumped in a grave filled with dead pigs, on top of being shot with bullets dipped in pigs' blood, is worse than being killed by a woman fighter.

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The fact-checking website Snopes debunked this as an internet-created rumor that picked up steam after the attack on September 11, 2001. "Be tough & strong, we love you!" he wrote in the original tweet. Yet Trump refused to even comment on racism that sparked the attack for two days.

'They were having terrorism problems, just like we do, ' Trump said. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn't a problem.

Politifact rated Mr Trump's story about Pershing "pants on fire".

The U.S. president's formula is pretty simple - kill those Muslims with "bullets soaked in pigs' blood".

Trump retweeted a report labeling the carnage as terror-related before authorities in London characterized the nature of the attack. His predictable bigotry is exactly what his base wants to see.

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