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CNN Commentator: George Washington And Thomas Jefferson Statues 'Need To Come Down'

CNN Commentator: George Washington And Thomas Jefferson Statues 'Need To Come Down'

On CNN Thursday morning, liberal analyst Angela Rye argued that our nation's first president was as detestable as Robert E. Lee because he was a slave owner.

Taking down Confederate monuments because a few are offended by what they say they have come to mean is an attempt to change history that Americans need to understand, not destroy. If Trump sends out a tweet, it's racist.

"It's an idiotic comparison". Importantly, it's not just the history that's depicted in the subject of the statue, but also the history of its creation which points to the intended symbolic goal behind it. "Confederate generals made a fateful decision to try to tear apart our nation and 6 million people died", he said, before dismissing that Lee and Washington were on the same plane of moral equivalency.

Roughly half of those symbols - 718 of them as of previous year - are monuments and statues. There were already black people. "Are we going to take down his statue?"

Coming back to the monuments debate, Bolduan asked Rye,"Is it about statues and monuments?" "American history is not all glorious", Rye said in a heated segment on Thursday.

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Tucker Carlson sought to further muddy the waters on his Fox News show Tuesday night, by observing that figures such as Plato and Mohammed also owned slaves.

The essential truth of the matter is that most Confederate soldiers were not slave owners, but small farmers and shopkeepers who, history has recorded in their own words, thought they were defending their homes from an onslaught by marauding Yankees who were "invading" the South. He wasn't protecting my freedoms. But the storybook hero version of Washington makes sense because Washington really did participate in great acts worth celebrating, even if he also did awful things like own human beings as personal property or sleazy things like pick the location for the nation's capital to maximize the value of his own landholdings.

Georgia's Stone Mountain Park Association this week denied a request by the Ku Klux Klan to burn a cross in the park, which features a huge carving on the side of the mountain depicting Confederates Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis on horseback. Let's acknowledge that, yes, white supremacy has a long history in the USA (from the very beginning), and that the debate over race is a long one, and let's further understand that the debate continues. And sometimes, what it is, John, are blind spots. Sometimes what it is, is not acknowledging this country was built on a very violent past that resulted in death and the rape and the killing of my ancestors. Are we going to take down - excuse me - are we going to take down statues to George Washington? "We need to call it what it is".

Of Democrats, he said, "I want them to talk about racism every day". Lee seldom spoke about slavery - that was not an issue for an officer in the United States Army like Robert E. Lee to debate.

"Look. We have to be real careful here". Washington and some other founding fathers believed that slavery was untenable in the long run for economic reasons and would end eventually. The larger point is the perspective is key in American politics. Because we're very close to repeating it right now.

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That said, I am in support of Confederate monuments remaining on the landscape.

CHIDEYA: Can I throw one more thing in there.

"The South reversed the dictum that the winners write the history books", Brian Matthew Jordan, an associate professor of history at Sam Houston State University in Texas and author of the book Marching Home about Union veterans in the postwar era told VOA in 2015.

Last year, Austin ISD took the laudable step of renaming Lee Elementary School in honor of legendary photographer Russell Lee.

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