The Von Braun Astronomical Society hosts planetarium shows about the Solar Eclipse

The Von Braun Astronomical Society hosts planetarium shows about the Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse will be starting around 1:06 Greater Sudbury, and it will last for about two-and-half hours, ending at 3:41 p.m.

Amazon recently sent out an email to hundreds of customers to let them know their purchased solar eclipse glasses were not confirmed safe for viewing the eclipse.

The internet retailer began notifying buyers of the unverified glasses of the move on Saturday, warning them not to use the product for viewing the much-anticipated total solar eclipse later this month.

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Advice for the most photographed event of the year isn't so clear. It is the first in nearly a century when the eclipse will be viewable from coast to coast in the U.S., covering 14 states from OR to SC.

To make sure your glasses are safe and that they will properly block the sunlight, NASA says to look for the Certified ISO icon and the number 12312-2.

Merlo recommends people to use camera and telescope solar filters too as staring straight into the sun through a lens of a camera has potential to permanently damage the eye. NASA is pointing to the list in its safety guidance for eclipse watchers.

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"Even the tiniest sliver, even 1 percent of the surface of the sun is so bright. you could potentially injure your eyes", the American Astronomical Society's Fienberg cautioned. This would thus be the best time to review the list of "reputable vendors" of solar filters and viewers that was recommended by the American Astronomical Society. Here are some local places to grab the special glasses so you can avoid the worry of not having them in time to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime sight.

In a statement to OR broadcaster KGW, Amazon said that it made the decision "out of "an abundance of caution".

The solar eclipse is one week from today, and area doctors continue to emphasize eye protection for those who plan on viewing the phenomenon. While the sellers themselves might be legit, the sources for their lenses and glasses might not be. "It just means that we have no knowledge of them or that we haven't convinced ourselves they're safe". And, some other third-party sellers on the site are giving vague estimates as to when the glasses will arrive or be back in stock, meaning they could arrive before or after the eclipse. Or why not just go online and view thousands of pictures taken of the sun by telescopes and NASA spacecraft!

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For what it's worth, my binocular solar filters meet that standard.