Pokemon Go: Mewtwo Coming Soon, Legendary Birds Sticking Around

Pokemon Go: Mewtwo Coming Soon, Legendary Birds Sticking Around

You will be able to capture MewTwo by participating in a exclusive raid battles and you will need to fulfill a set of requirements before you can participate in them.

Another Legendary is on the way to Pokemon Go.

There's no word of what other Pokémon might feature in Exclusive Raids. Today, it was confirmed that the developers are now finally adding MewTwo in the game. The first Legendary Pokemon was Lugia followed by Moltres, Zapdos and other Legendary Birds. The fact that these Pokemon are only being made available for a limited time makes capturing them hard enough, but we'll soon find out whether certain members of the flock are more rare than others.

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Centred around a Pokémon Go event in Yokohama, Japan in the past 24 hours, Mewtwo Raids have begun to pop up in Pokémon Go.

Now, we know how Mewtwo will be released everywhere else in the world - and it's a huge change from normal.

The four Pokemon will be found in Raid Battles, a relatively new addition to the game that made its debut earlier in the summer. The wait is nearly over as Mewtwo has made his debut during the Yokohama Pokemon Go stadium event held over the weekend. Once that egg hatches, up to 20 players can team up to take on the formidable Pokemon chosen to serve as the Raid boss.

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"Unlike existing raids, trainers will be invited to join an exclusive raid battle", Niantic explains. To participate in a exclusive raid battle for MewTwo, you will need to do the following.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android devices.

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