Game of Thrones DoP says next episode better than dragon battle

Game of Thrones DoP says next episode better than dragon battle

Watching Jaime from afar, Tyrian mutters under his breath, "Flee you idiot" when he sees Jaime charging at Daenerys. For those wanting to watch this week's episode on the HBO GO app, it can be seen at the same time as it will air on TV. But instead of riding Drogon head-on into the fray and torching the Lannister supply train-which included grain (which she needs), weapons, and, at least as far as she knew, large amounts of gold-she could've flanked around the side.

Why? Perhaps this was the first moment we realized that Dany has a lot of the Mad King in her. Despite losing many soldiers, Cersei (Lena Headey) still appears confident that she will defeat her enemies. Maybe that's something that she'll try to figure out, but we're not all that sure that they're going to be all that willing to sit there and allow themselves to be measured for it... Would Cersei deny the request and give him up?

Yellow: Dany somehow ferries hordes of Dothraki from Dragonstone to Tumbleton (despite any landing point putting her near King's Landing) and attacks Jaime on his return.

Cersei will be killed by one of her younger siblings and while she always believed would be the one to commit the crime, it's possible that her younger twin, Jaime, could kill her.

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Will there be any negative consequences for her actions?

While it might seem like a long shot, Missandei as Daenerys' right-hand woman is also in love with Grey Worm, now stuck at Casterly Rock. After Daenerys battle she the came back on dragon stone and she approaches right toward to Jon Snow with her dragon. The Mothers of Dragons asks them - wait for it - to bend the knee, but both the Tarly refuse to recognize Daenerys as the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

This guy is a complete wildcard. She'd have a supply route stretching from Casterly Rock-should she want to hold it, she has the men-to Riverrun, and from there to Dragonstone. This loose cannon could explode.

One of House Stark's strongest traits is loyalty and family is everything to this bunch. When she thought so before, she still had her children, but now she's all alone.

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"I think I felt less pressure, even though it was obviously a massively more expensive undertaking, than I did when I photographed the Red Wedding scene in season 3", said McLachlan.

Though the movie has tons of old school battles to draw inspiration from, the showrunners took inspiration from Apocalypse Now when they had Daenerys driving in with her dragon. Could his comments finally have an effect on her if she discovers the truth?

In one, the King of the North - played by Kit Harrington - solemnly marches across one of its barren cliffs, while another finds him in earnest conversation with Daenerys, who has vowed to help in his battle against the Night King and his army of ghouls.

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