Solar Eclipse 2017: Glasses Giveaway

Solar Eclipse 2017: Glasses Giveaway

They will have free solar viewing glasses available, as well as moon pies and sun tea!

Tens of millions of eclipse gawkers are expected to flock inside a 70-mile wide zone between OR and SC for the Great American Eclipse on August 21. Here's what puts all those in the shade: the diamond-ring effect that heralds a total solar eclipse, an explosion of light on the edge of the moon's inky circle, as it blots out the sun. "You certainly do not want to look at it here in Evansville and you want to wear the solar eclipse glasses the entire eclipse".

Some cultures ascribed a romantic confrontation between the sun and moon to explain eclipses while others believed it was actually a consummation of astrological affection.

"The concern with the eclipse is that when it is in the partial phase, the natural reflex to shy away from looking at the sun is reduced, and that is unsafe because of the possibility of developing solar retinopathy, which can occur without the person knowing it", he said. The next solar eclipse in Kansas will be in 2045, according to local officials.

The total eclipse will only be visible in a narrow 67-mile stretch of the country running from OR to SC.

The total eclipse is going to take about 2 to 3 hours- the different phases of the eclipse itself.

Don't look at the eclipse, unless of course you live in the backwoods of Tennessee. A solar eclipse hasn't happened in the United States since 1979, and not from Atlantic to Pacific in 99 years.

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If customers choose the Amazon route, it is important make sure the glasses will ship in time. When the period of total eclipse ends for viewers near Charleston, S.C., it will be 2:49 p.m. both there and here in Baltimore.

Eclipse glasses are being given away at McCracken County, Graves County and Calloway County libraries, but only during eclipse-related events. Use proper eye protection for safe viewing!

But glasses aren't the only safe way either. "It was kind of disappointing", said Smith.

Yang said Kansas City, Kansas, has had a great tourism season so far this year, and this adds to it.

On March 7, 1970, the path of totality ran up the east coast of the United States.

There are several viewing parties planned here for the community and tourists.

Our News 4 teams will be live in eight different locations on August 21. Do I really need those glasses?

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Here at News 4, we've been busy too. The CVB has its own eclipse website page at

Staying home and looking at the solar eclipse in Wyandotte County?

If we get a new moon every month, why don't we have a solar eclipse every month? While these are only projections, NASA says the map is more accurate this year than ever before.

"This eclipse was in my high school astronomy books from the 1980s".

It's known in the trade as solar blindness or solar retinopathy - not total blindness, rather more like age-related macular degeneration, where you have trouble reading or recognizing faces, or lose those abilities altogether. But most of those eclipses go nearly entirely unseen.

Law enforcement officials are discouraging residents from driving and stopping on the side of a highway to view the eclipse.

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