Hob - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Hob - Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Runic Games, the creators of the Torchlight RPG franchise, have announced that their next game Hob will be out on September 26.

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Bought to you way back on December 2015 Hob is an action adventure game filled with some of the most incredible visuals as you try to save a handsome planet filled with whimsical creatures from an unknown plague.

Hob is the latest from the Torchlight and Torchlight 2 developer.

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Pre-orders are now open for PS4, with the title costing £15.99 or £12.79 for PS Plus members. Steam and GOG users will have access to the Runic Games Collection that includes Torchlight, Torchlight II and Hob for a heavily discounted price of $24.99. Find out more here.

At last year's PAX West, we thought Hob was a very under the radar kind of adventure, where the world itself became both puzzle and antagonist, luring the hooded hero towards attractive, scenic vistas in the distance. Slowly uncover your role in saving the vibrant life around you while you explore stunning landscapes, solve puzzles, and transform the planet itself. Narrative is revealed as players explore and interact with their mysterious planet, and the unusual life forms that inhabit it.

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The entire world is a puzzle that unlocks a bit at a time as you adventure through the world. The announcement came via the PlayStation blog and a brand new trailer. A "mechanical glove-arm" will aid with both travel and combat, while the story is told entirely without text or dialog.