Atlus announces rhythm games for Persona 5 and Persona 3

Atlus announces rhythm games for Persona 5 and Persona 3

Persona Q2 was revealed today at the Persona 5 Music Bomb concert in Japan.

Ever since a website domain crawl led to some speculation about the future of Persona 5, it looks like we'll be getting more Persona games than ever before. Notably, this is our first look at the Persona 3 cast with high detail modeling, as this is their first official appearance in a game with that level of graphical horsepower.

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These games follow on from the Persona 4 version, Dancing All Night (a rhythm game, with a story told like a visual novel), but these will be released at the same time, kind of like how Pokémon always releases two versions.

We have a couple of trailers for these games. Even the title, Persona Q 2, is tentative.

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Atlus has announced a few new Persona games, including a new one for the Nintendo 3DS.

Atlus continues their trend of releasing games on mature platforms.

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The upcoming Persona 3 and Persona 5 dancing games seem to be based off of the same engine that gave players Persona 4 Dancing All Night, the first entry into the dancing spinoff series, which launched back in 2015, exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. The 3DS' massive installed base is probably a good place to start when asking why they chose to release Persona Q2 on Nintendo 3DS only and not have anything Persona related at this time for the Nintendo Switch.