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The Senate Bill Is An Imperfect Healthcare Compromise. It Just Might Work

The Senate Bill Is An Imperfect Healthcare Compromise. It Just Might Work

Insurers in the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare", marketplaces earned an average of almost $300 per member in the first quarter of 2017, more than double what they earned in a similar period in the marketplaces' previous three years, The Washington Post reported. This would essentially create two individual insurance markets-one cheaper and skinnier for healthier consumers, and one more expensive and robust for sicker consumers. "This includes consumer outreach, a function that is hugely important to insurers - if the Trump administration decides not to allocate resources toward outreach for the next enrollment period, insurers might reasonably expect that the people who do sign up will be sicker, on average". It's likely, too, that more people would actually purchase individual market coverage, since the bill would allow tax credits to apply to more types of coverage, like catastrophic and lower-premium plans, and allow people with health savings accounts to use pre-tax dollars to help pay premiums. Mr. Cruz says that the vast majority of the people in Texas who have had to pay the Obamacare penalties for not buying a plan have incomes of less than $50,000 - they are the victims of the "Affordable Care Act".

"He said he thinks that doing something like that would be workable, you could offer lower-cost policies, but they would be connected to the higher-cost policies", he said.

The other would provide comprehensive yet expensive policies.

Additionally, Price said more people would be covered under Senate Republican's health care plan than under Obamacare.

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The Cruz amendment gives states the final word.

In a document (PDF) posted on its website, the trade group said that allowing health insurance products to be governed by different rules would effectively "fracture and segment insurance markets into separate risk pools and create an un-level playing field that would lead to widespread adverse selection and unstable health insurance markets". For those people, Fiedler said he doubts that the Senate bill has enough money to keep pace with the rise in premiums.

"The overall bill adds $70 billion to the stability fund", he said. McConnell and other Republicans are considering ways to revise it in hopes of winning broader support. The drawback is that state officials could eventually face no-win choices, such as having to pick between paying for coverage for low-wage working mothers and support services for elderly people trying to stay out of nursing homes. It's one of the problems I had with Obamacare from the beginning, as it was passed in secret, behind closed doors, members of Congress were told when it was passed by then-speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi they had to vote for it in order to find out what's in it. This was meant to keep healthy people in the insurance market by allowing insurers to charge people 30 percent on top of the premium if they let their coverage lapse. It would reduce premiums mainly by eliminating coverage, giving states discretion to allow medical insurance policies to exclude treatment for serious ailments and to jeopardize coverage for the millions of people already afflicted with something. With Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) continuing to sound like a "no" vote-today he told reporters, "At this point, I can not support the bill.I don't see anything in here really remotely resembling repeal"-that leaves the leverage in the hands of two of the other three senators who joined Paul in opposition after the first Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) was introduced last month: Sens".

In states that waive these requirements, insurers could offer cheaper, less comprehensive plans.

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Senate leaders have sent the current iteration of the Cruz amendment to the Congressional Budget Office to be scored.

The CBO was expected to release the score of the revised Senate bill today, but has postponed it until a later date.

But Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who sponsored the amendment, said the measure would help contain health-care costs. A few more compromises may be necessary - there is still much more that could be done to improve the bill - but conservatives would do well to note that moving in the direction of the original Cruz Amendment into the legislation to improve it is no small accomplishment.

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