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Trump signs order for more apprentices

Trump signs order for more apprentices

Governor Scott Walker said that President Trump's visit to Wisconsin highlights alternative education to fill the skills gap in manufacturing jobs. That same weekend, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder flew to Asia in an attempt to lure Taiwan-based Foxconn to his state.

President Trump made a mint as the longtime host of "The Apprentice" and later "Celebrity Apprentice" - and on Tuesday he signed an order that will boost funding and cut red tape to expand a popular federal apprenticeship program.

Trump's tour of the school that included a stop at a classroom filled with tool and die machines.

Joined in Wisconsin by daughter Ivanka Trump, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, Trump described his push to get private companies and universities to pair up and pay the cost of such arrangements.

"We can not allow the American people to be scammed by organizations that rake in million dollars in profit from vulnerable students and give them a shoddy education in return", she said.

The Trump administration has said there's a need that can be met with a change in the American attitude toward vocational education and apprenticeships.

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Rather than helping workers access quality, well-paying jobs, President Trump's deeply misguided proposal would make workers vulnerable to low-quality programs that don't offer the skills or wages apprenticeship programs for which apprenticeship programs are known. This Excellence in Apprenticeship Program will seek information to recognize and commend efforts by a variety of entities to establish apprenticeship programs. From putting Americans at risk at Trump University, to putting forward a budget that attacks almost every facet of life for working families, President Trump is not living up to his promises on the campaign trail.

The White House says apprenticeships could match workers with millions of open jobs.

He said that he has been pushing for decades to get these training opportunities extended into high schools, the way they are in countries like Germany and Switzerland, but that his efforts have been roundly defeated by those concerned that job-skills programs limit certain students' options.

Another complication: Only about half of apprentices finish their programs, Lerman said.

The initiative Trump focused on Thursday would double the funds for the Apprenticeship USA program, bringing the total spending to $200 million a year.

I am thrilled the President has answered the call to support successful employer-led apprenticeship programs. "A report that former President Barack Obama's Commerce Department released in 2016 that "apprenticeships are not fully understood in the United States, especially" by employers, who tend to use apprentices for a few, hard-to-fill positions" but not as widely as they could.

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The Department of Labor to date has been very prescriptive and very restrictive on the apprenticeship programs, but the Department of Labor is not an expert as to various individual sectors and what the qualifications are. His proposed budget May 23 would cut some established federal job training programs significantly.

The president said the on-the-job training and earn-as-you-learn programs would prepare students for many rewarding careers, including high-tech jobs operating state-of-the-art machinery. "Technical program grads also see a "$300,000 lifetime increase in earnings" and don't owe student loans, according to the administration.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said Trump is pulling a "bait and switch" by claiming he cares about workers while cutting resources to train them. He says he expects the U.S. Senate to approve a "really good" solution in the near future.

"The more American workers we are going to create, they hope a lot of them become union members", the official said.

Trump accused congressional Democrats of obstruction and said they would not provide even one vote for "the best plan ever". He's pulling a bait and switch on the American people.

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