EA Reveals Star Wars Battlefront II Beta and Pre-Order Details

EA Reveals Star Wars Battlefront II Beta and Pre-Order Details

EA throws its money at the screen by getting a tonne of footballers and commentators to talk about Alex Hunter, the protagonist in last year's Federation Internationale de Football Association 2017 story mode, as though he was a real player. The epic Star Cards powers of Rey and Kylo have been fully detailed, too. EA has just revealed some of the pre-order bonuses that will you receive if you choose to go that route.

All things considered, it's possible that the majority of what is shown during E3 2017 for Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be never-before-seen material, but considering the game was officially revealed with a rather sizeable amount of assets already, there's also the potential for DICE and EA to simply use its press conference as a means to reinforce what's already known. Experience a multiplayer universe unmatched in variety and breadth.

According to EA, this content will be available for "anyone who pre-orders", but they don't make it clear if the Last Jedi outfits for Kylo and Rey are unlockable in-game.

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Now, courtesy of the sketch down below by artist Eli Hyder (via Star Wars News Net), we have a look at one of the planet's other inhabitants.

The ultimate Star Wars battleground. Madden NFL 18 is coming out this year and EA is introducing a story mode to the fray, similar to the one included in Federation Internationale de Football Association a year ago. Players can choose from an array of land and air vehicles and master their own hero's journey, with customizable character progression across heroes, villains, troopers and starfighters. Get instant access to epic tier Star Cards, upgrading and strengthening your characters' abilities, and granting you additional power to change the course of battle. But there could be stuff besides that as well, so we could be in for even more than that. Players will be able to customize and upgrade gear.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to be released on December 15th. However, only the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition will provide you with three-day early access when Star Wars Battlefront II is released and offers upgraded versions for each of the available classes. EA will also give a peek at any new expansion content or sequels for games like Battlefield, Need for Speed and Titanfall - to name but a few of the series in the company's vast portfolio.

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