British pundit eats own book after bet on United Kingdom election results

British pundit eats own book after bet on United Kingdom election results

But, as it turned out, Corbyn defied expectations and won 40.3 percent of the vote in the United Kingdom, and so it was time for Corbyn to quite literally eat his words.

The protest was led by students and trade unionists who chanted slogans in favour of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has stunned the British political establishment with impressive election results.

They said Corbyn was attacked for two years by the media, but tens of thousands of youth voted for him as he offers genuine change.

Xbox Project Scorpio Expectations? I Have a Few
This means that between them, the hundreds of available titles chalk up less than half the play time of Grand Theft Auto V alone. Especially when they're Halo 3 - a game that's already playable on the Xbox One at 60FPS thanks to the Master Chief Collection.

And Twitter users, always ready to hold people accountable, pressured the pundit to keep - and eat - his word. On Saturday, the professor and author of Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave European Union was forced to eat the same book on live TV.

"What I'm going to do is seat here, and eat my book, while you guys carry on". He then ripped out a page of his book and proceeded to eat it, after first plugging that it was for sale "at all good bookstores".

Whether or not he did this as a publicity stunt to promote his new book is unknown. No politician, not even Jeremy Corbyn should ever attempt to get down with the kids.

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Kevin Durant led from the front with 35 points on nine of 22 shooting but he needed much more support from the rest of the team. The idea they slip themselves into cocoons, blacking out a media world swirling around them, is a farce.

From the way that he's talking about the experience, it seems that he enjoyed his humble pie.

"Super", replied the Sky News presenter, while Mr Goodwin tore off a page and pushed it into his mouth.

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While few expect that to happen, the words underline that the bank is not yet willing to call time on the stimulus program. That is in effect a tax aimed at pushing them to lend the money instead of hoard it.