Cleveland Cavaliers crush Boston Celtics to book title clash with Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers crush Boston Celtics to book title clash with Warriors

The series between the two powerhouse squads is knotted at 1-1.

All this time Brown never wanted the money he earned by beating Lue in a shooting contest when the Cavaliers coach was an National Basketball Association newcomer, yet Golden State's acting coach - who spent two stints leading Cleveland - joked how Lue can surely afford it these days.

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There were two firsts in last night's Eastern Conference championship game. Draymond Green probably will spend more time on James than Durant will, while Cleveland doesn't have an obvious alternate defender to shadow Durant. The Cavaliers won three in a row to take the title.

In a pivotal Game 4, as James became passive, a second half explosion from Kyrie Irving ultimately doomed the Celtics. Cleveland's 43 points fell just two shy of the all-time National Basketball Association playoff record for most points in an opening period, set in 1985 by the Lakers and matched by three others since.

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Of course, they bounced back.

Mismanagement doomed the Thunder and their stars were scattered to the wind, doomed to watch LeBron make the Finals over and over and over and over again. The first? Kendrick Perkins, who joined LeBron's Cavs in 2015. Just as a reminder, Curry still plays for Golden State. Like, am I the reason that they're not that good (laughs). "I think maybe people just fail to realize that you just have two great teams and don't appreciate that".

There are a lot of narratives at work in this series, which always makes for a better story. The world knows what I bring to the table and I can't do anything to control anything else.

It's insane that this is the first time two teams have played a set of three consecutive NBA Finals. "They've been right at the top, best team in the league for three years straight now".

Is this any surprise though? It could also help the Warriors get that bad taste out of their mouth from their collapse in last year's series.

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The Golden State Warriors are undefeated through the first three rounds of the playoffs at 12-0. It starts with James, who is in his seventh consecutive NBA Finals. How will Golden State guard Kyrie Irving? And they were going up against the best player on the planet. Not that the National Hockey League gets great ratings, regardless of matchup, but that huge sigh of relief you might have heard from New York City was the NBC execs after Pittsburgh won, eliminating a Nashville-Ottawa ratings disaster final. It's like LeBron is living in a Zeno Paradox. If he keeps cutting that distance in half he will never overtake the ghost.

Lastly, the Eastern Conference Finals have exposed the Celtics' poor rebounding. That's the number he has to reach if he's ever going to be a close to the consensus GOAT Jordan has been for the past two decades.

"It means we got a little more rest, we played a few less games, but it's not like you get some trophy or something for being undefeated throughout the first three rounds of the playoffs".

So it's worth noting that James needed 33 more games to surpass Jordan, but he took the record at a younger age - James is 32 and Jordan was 35. LeBron is not the Unanimous GOAT, but thanks to him, neither is MJ.

"He's a guy who said he wanted us", Love said, "and he has us - starting next Thursday". The Cavaliers took the best the Warriors could dish out last season and didn't stay down for the count, instead coming back with a flurry of counter punches that stunned the Dubs when they were least expecting it.

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