Patrick unswayed by House votes on bathrooms, property taxes

Patrick unswayed by House votes on bathrooms, property taxes

Liberal-leaning legislators immediately drew connections to North Carolina's bill, claiming that sectioning off transgender students sends a message that they are not welcome in Texas public schools.

Schools in Texas could be forced to reveal the identities of some transgender students under a bill headed for passage in the state Legislature. A similar effort also collapsed in 2015.

Moody countered by stating that transgender students tend to be the victims of bullying and sex crimes in bathrooms, not perpetrators, to which Paddie remarked that the objective of the bill is to provide equal protection to all, including transgender students.

"It's absolutely about child safety". Moody said, "It takes us to separate but equal bathrooms that we know can never be equal".

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It would allow state-funded adoption agencies to discriminate against couples based on religious belief.

Supporters described limiting the scope to schools as "middle ground" and hinted that it could soften the kinds of costly boycotts that hit North Carolina after it approved its bathroom bill past year.

The bill will mean that transgender students at public schools will have to use bathrooms and locker-rooms in line with their "biological sex" or use a "single-occupancy facility" that the school must provide as an alternative. The amendment limits the scope of the transgender bathroom debate to schools and mandates that students use the bathroom of their biological gender.

The so-called "second-chance" bill previously cleared the House and was passed Monday by the Senate, which included an amendment ensuring that Texans convicted of some crimes involving sex or violence wouldn't be eligible. "It's about preventing a free pass to sexual predators who are not transgender from being able to walk into any bathroom with any child, any woman at any time", Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in March. It will now go back to the Senate and then is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott.

House oversight panel chairman Chaffetz to depart Congress June 30
Chaffetz said in a statement published Thursday that he made a decision to resign to spend more time with his family. In a letter to his constituents, he announced his intention to resign, effective June 30.

Conservative politicians in Texas have agitated strongly for the measure despite the backlash against such a law in North Carolina, which involved economic boycotts and attempts to repeal it after it was introduced previous year.

State lawmakers are set to adjourn May 29, but they have yet to resolve issues that have driven a wedge between the two chambers. "Texas is better than what the House did tonight". "America has long recognized that separate but equal is not equal at all", said Rep. Senfronia Thompson, a Houston Democrat, of the restroom measure, according to the Morning News. It would cover Texas public schools, not all bathrooms in publicly owned buildings. House Speaker Joe Straus, a Republican from San Antonio, has been vocal in his opposition, warning it could hurt the Texas economy that has been among the country's strongest in recent years.

Since Abbott signed the sanctuary city bill, the American Civil Liberties Union and big Texas cities have pledged lawsuits, while the state in turn has pre-emptively asked a federal court to declare the law constitutional. The North Carolina law prompted economic boycotts and the loss of sporting events, and was later revamped in the face of criticism.

While Senate Bill 6 passed without issue in the Texas Senate, it failed in the House.

Texas pushes ahead with 'bathroom bill' as others shy away
Dan Patrick - has threatened to call a special session that would keep lawmakers in Austin until a bathroom bill is passed. Standing behind Abbott at the ceremony, Patrick was asked if he is still prepared to go to a special session.

"This amendment was more about using trans kids as a negotiating tool at a contentious point in the session than about making kids safer", Rep. Celia Israel, a leader in opposing the bill said.

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