Wannacry cyber attack compromised Russian banks in isolated cases

Wannacry cyber attack compromised Russian banks in isolated cases

Ron Kubera has more than 25 years of supply chain industry experience, including leadership roles in delivering consulting and implementation services to CPG companies, industrial manufacturers, and other distribution-intensive companies. Other breeds of malware may infect various operating systems, so no matter which device you are using, you should regularly update your software to install the latest security enhancements.

Then devastating effect of WannaCry ransomware could have been reduced, but Microsoft withheld free updates for several older software like Windows XP. However, the patch was only released to the newer version, Windows 10, while users of older versions, like Windows XP, were left pay large fees for so-called "custom" support. At the same time, she notes that the "success" of the WannaCry ransomware is "based upon one tried and true fact-many individuals and organizations do not patch their systems in a timely manner".

A Microsoft spokesman reached Sunday said the company had no comment.

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The ransomware mixes copycat software loaded with amateur coding mistakes and recently leaked spy tools widely believed to have been stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency, creating a vastly potent class of crimeware. However, global organisations such as Deutsche Bahn, FedEx, Renault and Telefonica were among others hit as WannaCry spread globally.

Some security experts are also defending the high fees charged by the company for custom support. The ransomware has affected over 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries.

Researchers from a variety of security firms say they have so far failed to find a way to decrypt files locked up by WannaCry and say chances are low anyone will succeed. In addition, companies needing to restore their operations right away likely would have turned to backups, if available, by now.

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May 19 The Wannacry cyber attack compromised Russian banks' resources in some isolated cases, but the consequences of the attack were dealt with quickly, the Russian central bank said on Friday.

The developers released the tool on Friday, as the deadline expires for computers all over the world first infected a week ago.

The attack blocks computers and puts up images on victims' screens demanding payment of $300 (275 euros) in the virtual currency Bitcoin, saying: "Ooops, your files have been encrypted!" "That's what the data shows", MWR research head Pratley said.

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"We're looking at many decades of building complex systems - one on top of the other - with no effort to go back to fix what we did wrong along the way", said Wendy Nather, principal security strategist at Duo Security, who has worked in security for 22 years.