Woman Attacked by Man With a Hammer Over a Snapchat Post

Woman Attacked by Man With a Hammer Over a Snapchat Post

Police say a Lincoln County man accused of attacking a woman with a hammer stemmed from a social media post.

The charges against Levi Dakota Lauck, 21, came after emergency room staff contacted police to report the woman's injuries, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said.

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The two left shortly afterward for Lauck's residence, with the woman driving due to Lauck's level of alcohol intoxication, police said. Police say that at one point, he stopped, retrieved a hammer from the trunk, and hit the woman with the hammer as he drove. The victim grabbed a small backpack to help shield her from the blows.

Once they arrived back at Lauck's residence on Portwood Meadows, he allegedly forced the victim out of the vehicle and made her undress to take a shower. When she undressed, the physical abuse continued, with Lauck kicking her in the face, knocking out a front tooth. The next day, the victim got a ride to her parents' home in O'Fallon.

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The victim checked herself in at Progress West Hospital on April 17, but asked hospital officials not to involve law enforcement. She returned to the hospital on Wednesday after experiencing complications from her injuries.

Police said the woman's wounds included a head injury, an ear swollen shut, a cut on her hand and bruises.

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Lauk was a arrested and has been charged with kidnapping and domestic assault. He was jailed Thursday in Lincoln County with bail set at $200,000, cash only.