Austin Aries and TJ Perkins battle it out

Austin Aries and TJ Perkins battle it out

At Payback we will see the championship rematch between Neville and Austin Aries, but in order to get us there, we've got a couple of weeks of 205 Live left. Plus, Alicia Fox makes a decision between Rich Swann and Noam Dar.

Embarrassed by what transpired on WWE 205 Live, Alicia Fox has been subjected to ridicule by her fellow Superstars. In addition to holding the belt, Neville's picked up a follower in former champ TJ Perkins. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves have the call for this week.

For months, Brian Kendrick has been "teaching" Akira Tozawa lessons on a weekly basis.

Side headlock and hammerlock from Nese and he flexes. Nese used a delayed vertical suplex to drop Tozawa gut-first across the top rope. Nese works Tozawa down. A replay from last week showed Tozawa cost Brian Kendrick his match against Mustafa Ali by dressing up and ringing the bell to distract him. Nese with a torture rack, but Tozawa fights out. Tozawa knees out of another suplex and lands a jumping hurricanrana. Nese with crossfaces and the referee breaks them. Kendrick sneaks in and looks for a boot to the face, but Charles Robinson catches him in the act. A short time later, Kendrick was going to cheap-shot Tozawa but the referee stopped him.

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Nese was none too happy about this, and laid Kendrick out after sharing some words with him.

Back in the arena, Rich Swann made his entrance. Dar threatens to beat Swann up if he keeps talking about his girlfriend that way, and Alicia Fox joins them in the ring to settle things. Fox then came out.

Fox dismissed Dar and told him they're over. Fox says he is young, talented, and charismatic, but then she got to know him and says he brings other things to the relationship. Fox says the most annoying thing about him is how he says "Alicia Fooooooooox" and she will snap if she hears it again. She turns to Swann and thanks him for the gifts and wants to give him what he deserves. TJP came in and broke it up, then both of them stomped on the prone Aries. She leans in for a kiss and Swann steps away and wags his finger.

Swann asked if she remembered Cedric Alexander. She stood between the guys in the ring and addressed each of them.

Calif. Gunman Targeting Whites Chose 3 Men at Random: PD
He rose to the rank of lieutenant within the Nation and attended the Million Man March in 1995, when he would have been 17. Police said Muhammad spent the weekend in a ravine, and after learning he was wanted by police, set out to kill Tuesday.

Ariya Daivari shown arriving to the arena earlier today and he tells the valet his tip is to not scratch his auto. Daivari wipes off his wrist tape and scoffs at Ali. Daivari shines the smudge off his boot after he gets taken down. Daivari with a shoulder tackle and Ali comes back with one of his own. Daivari telegraphs a body drop and gets a kick to the chest followed by a drop kick. Ali counters a back bodydrop and lands a dropkick. He attempts a dive but lands awkwardly. Headscissors attempt by Ali blocked and Daivari with a back suplex on the apron. Daivari for the frog splash, but Ali hits a drop kick to ground him. Ali fights up, but a tornado DDT turned into a spinebuster for a nearfall by Daivari. Ali sets up for the 450, but Senator Drew Gulak comes out with a loudspeaker and sign that says "no fly zone". Gulak chants in the megaphone and Daivari pulls Ali down to the mat. Ali's short-sighted high flying brand of competition - that has no future.

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live in its regular Tuesday night at 10PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Austin Aries def. TJ Perkins. Perkins able to trip up Aries into the corner. There was some nice back-and-forth action early on were highlighted by some impressive reversals and solid chops and slaps by Aries, and Perkins" use of a mixed offense with submissions, strikes and aerial maneuvers, all now punctuated with a little extra "stink' to accentuate evil undertones. Aries immediate locks in Last Chancery, but Perkins grabs the rope.

Akira Tozawa came out for his match. Suicide dive from Aries. Neville and Perkins left together while the officials tended to Aries as the show closed. Aries able to stave off the initial onslaught and lock in Last Chancery. He managed to reach the ropes, but Perkins continued to wear down the leg with repeated low kicks.

Lions need everything to go right, and then some luck
The gaffe happened when a photograph emerged of Warburton in full Lions kit posing with tour officials. Gatland, unusually for the Lions, indicated that his captain's place in the team was not a given.

European uppercut in the corner and Aries with a neckbreaker on the middle rope. He followed up with the 450 and looked to have it won, but Perkins got his foot on the ropes.

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