United Airlines releases statement after passenger was forcefully dragged off flight

United Airlines releases statement after passenger was forcefully dragged off flight

"I apologise for having to re-accommodate these customers".

Munoz said the airline was "moving with a sense of urgency" to work with the authorities and conduct its own review of the incident.

A woman on Twitter posted the video, which appears to have been taken by her husband, who she said was on the flight.

The videos show the man shouting as he is being pulled, his glasses slipping down his nose and his shirt rising to expose his midriff.

The incident unfolded on Sunday, when United Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, Ky. was overbooked.

Four crew members needed to get on the flight in order to work another one in Louisville or else that flight would be canceled, airline spokeswoman Maddie King said.

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Stephanie Milani, the Tennessee public affairs director for AAA-The Auto Club Group, said the airline does have the right to bump passengers in an overbook situation.

"Our agents were left with no choice but to call Chicago Aviation Security Officers to assist in removing the customer from the flight".

United offered passenger Tyler Bridges, $400 and then $800 vouchers and a hotel stay for volunteers to give up their seats.

Fellow passenger Jayse D. Anspach, who goes by @JayseDavid on Twitter, wrote: "No one volunteered (to leave), so @United made a decision to choose for us".

Halifax man Dan Lachance had to get off a flight in Vancouver in 2014. The manager told him that security would be called if he did not leave willingly, Bridges said, and the man said he was calling his lawyer. Officers followed him to the back of the plane.

In other videos, you can hear and see the shocked reactions from other passengers on board.

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It is the second time in recent weeks that United Airlines has been engulfed in controversy.

This latest incident could be another mess for the airline, says DePaul professor and aviation expert Joe Schwieterman. Another 62,895 United passengers volunteered to give up their seats.

Airlines are allowed to sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, and they routinely overbook flights because some people do not show up.

"No one volunteered, so United decided to choose for us". They requested law enforcement assistance when one of them refused to leave.

He was violently dragged off the flight, before dashing back on board. Amezaga told the Courier-Journal to contact the Chicago Department of Aviation for more information.

The Associated Press also reported that one of the police officers involved in dragging the man off the plane has been placed on leave.

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One of the passengers, on the online forum, posted that the man in the video was a doctor and urged guards not to drag him out as he wanted to see his patients on an urgent basis the very next day.