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Greek police intercept 8 parcel bombs headed to European Union institutions & companies

Greek police intercept 8 parcel bombs headed to European Union institutions & companies

Greek police discovered and defused eight parcel bombs addressed to European Union officials operating in the sectors of business and finance at a post office near Athens.

Greek authorities were on alert after the dispatch of two parcels laced with gunpowder last week.

A Greek militant group, Conspiracy of Fire Cells, had claimed responsibility for the first suspect package sent to Germany and intercepted on March 15.

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Police have not yet announced who the recipients were but only that the packages were to be sent to European countries. One day later, a second package arrived at the Paris office of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where it exploded and injured an administrative assistant.

The Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei is "likely behind" the Paris attack, a Greek police source told AFP earlier this week, adding that French investigators had told their Greek counterparts that the letter was sent from Athens.

Last week, the names of two senior officials in Greece's conservative New Democracy party were used as the alleged senders - deputy leader Adonis Georgiadis and party spokesperson Vassilis Kikilias, formerly a police minister himself.

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Conspiracy of Fire Cells started its history with arson but turned to bombings in 2009 and police blame them for more than 150 crimes since then.

In 2011, several of its members, many of them very young, were convicted of "participating in a criminal organisation" and given long prison sentences.

In a proclamation in November, the group said that its plan, which it called "Nemesis", was created to "spread fear into the yards of the homes of our enemy".

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